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The company pays great attention to growth of employees and regards talents as the first capital of the company and the most valuable wealth of the company. We put forwards the work ideas of “Enhancement of talent team construction with focus on capacity promotion” and formulate systematic training, external exchange and a series of measures to promote the capacity. 

Qualification training of all employees: make cooperation withSunYat-SenUniversityand determine Shenzhen “GOODIDEA” as the training mechanism and formulate the training plan for intermediate and high-level management personnel and attend series training courses such as leadership and executive force, theory of game and effective communication, etc.

External visiting and learning:organize to visit and study at excellent enterprise of the same Industry with specific purpose. 

Internal lecturer system: the company encourages employees to become excellent lecturer and establishes internal lecturer training system. Excellent lecturer will serve as the reference basis for future promotion.

Induction training of new employees: after entry of new employees, the personnel administration department will organize the induction training to make new employees understand principle, policies of the company, company system and enterprise culture, etc.

Self-improvement: encourage employees to attend title examination and academic education.

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