• 2014-10-10 Shenzhen Daosen Gas company successfully achieved import license The company  actively promote LNG import license in the administrative examination and approval procedures, respectively in September, October got "for the record of Foreign Trade Managers Registration Form" and "a declaration entity registration certificate of registration".
  • 2014-5-23 The project to produce LNG with coke oven gas of Shanxi was started for construction formally

    The project to produce LNG with coke oven gas of Shanxi was started for construction formally. 

  • 2014-3-31 Xinyang Daosheng Gas Co., Ltd was incorporated.

    The company considered the situation and grasped the opportunity of development of global logistics center in Xinyang to establish Xinyang Daosheng  Gas Co., Ltd. Xinyang was the important strategic deployment for the company to step out ofGuangdongand expand inland market.

  • 2014-2-26 Shanxi Daosheng Xinyu Clean Energy Co., Ltd was incorporated

    The company invested with Xinzhou Xinyu Coal Gasification Co., Ltd and Dongguan Yingzhou Energy Co., Ltd to organize Shanxi Daosheng Xinyu Clean Energy Co., Ltd to co-develop the project of producing liquefied natural gas with coke oven gas and explored the regional Industrial chain integration mode featuring “local gas source + transportation + gas filling station”. 

  • 2013-10-31 Dongguan Yingzhou Energy Co., Ltd was incorporated.

    The company organized Yingzhou Company with Dongguan Baoheng Energy Co., Ltd in order to expand channel and enhance strategic cooperation with emphasis on expanding energy project investment, natural gas for vehicles and ships and natural gas retail to improve the market competitiveness of the company. 

  • 2013-5-20 Shenzhen Daosheng Natural Gas Co., Ltd was incorporated.

    The company specializes in exploiting LNG gas source trade, purchase and investing and making cooperation with upstream to build LNG receiving and re-gasifying facilities, and LNG receiving quays. At the same time, it also expanded the domestic urban fuel gas projects actively and develops nature gas filling for vehicles and single-point gas supply business significantly.

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